Appeal to the public to donate rare blood group

Human blood is universally recognized as the most precious and essential element of human life. The collection of blood from voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors is an important measure for ensuring the availability and safety of blood transfusion. Adequate and safe blood supply is a demanding challenge in developing countries like Mauritius.

NBTS (National Blood Transfusion Service (Mauritius) appeals to the public to roll up their sleeves and help remedy a critical shortage of blood. Blood Groups A +, A Neg, O + and O Neg, B Neg are needed.

Demand for blood is growing up every year … yet fewer people are donating. Indeed, this is a major concern with an ageing population.

Cancer patients, cardiac patients, Thalassemic, accident victims and many other complex medical procedures require blood transfusions. Demand is higher than supply! Most of our blood donors were between the age of 40 + a few years ago and they have been consistent and loyal donors and now caught by age are likely to donate blood. With medical advances, there has been a rise in procedures that use blood like cardio-vascular surgeries, cancer treatments, and sadly an alarmingly rise in accidents whereby more blood is needed.

There is also a soaring rise in people infected with TTI mostly by drug addicts and other life-style behaviors and these people should understand that they should not donate blood as even if all laboratory tests are done, due to window period, they should not donate blood and put other people’s lives at risks.

Mauritians must understand that with an ageing population and a decline in blood donors at the rate of about 25 to 40%, anybody in their family or themselves could need blood in their life and it is thus crucial, moral to donate blood especially from healthy and safe donors that are not at risks of TTI (Transfusion Transmissible Infections like AIDS, Hep B and C, STD’s (Sexually Transmitted diseases) and irregular antibodies.

People wishing to donate blood can contact us: 427 7192 or 424 4766, 427 0711 (to organise a blood drive).

Mr Rohit Teeluckdharry, Blood Donor Coordinator: 5254 3932
Motivators: 52579293/5915 5152/ 5766 6160
Nursing Staffs/Admin: Messrs Sanjeev Goomannee & Nemraz Juggoo:
5769 5621/576504371

Donated blood can be lifesaving for persons who have lost large amounts of blood because of serious accidents, new medical and surgical procedures, as well as for patients who have become severely anemic because of serious hematological diseases or treatments such as cancer therapy. Therefore, availability of blood is an important concern to the society and as we are celebrating shortly our 50th Anniversary of our Independence, young blood donors who are our pace setters are urgently needed. It’s time for action. ” More Blood , more life” was the theme for World Blood Donor Day 2011.

Just 1.8 to 2% per cent of the Mauritian population is supporting the need of patients across the country. It is time for Mauritians to come forward as one People One Nation and donate blood regularly and help saving many lives.

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary of our Independence. We hope that Mauritians  will  not remain insensible and indifference BUT will make a difference in the lives of our elders, all our patients and donate safe blood . This will be a great step ahead and we will be proud as a nation.

A sincere thanks to our blood donors, volunteers, organizers, our Facebook supporters and Fans, our Blood Bank Staffs.