Can Asthmatics donate blood

AsmaWe know how sad some persons are when  they have taken their courage to come and donate blood and were told that they can’t.

Different interpretations  can cause confusion to a donor or as research has shown that wrong communication may prevent a donor to come back.

A person suffering from asthma can donate blood as long as he/she does not have any limitations on the daily activities they do or they do not have any difficulty in breathing at the time of donation.

Dr Vivek Anand Padegal, Director Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore suggests that before donating blood there should have been no signs or symptoms of asthma in the last 2 weeks. As long as the person is feeling well and healthy, he or she is eligible to donate blood. The medications for asthma do not interfere in any way.

Dr  Mrs Sonoo, Deputy Director and Head in Charge of NBTS is of the same view. You can give blood if you have mild asthma and require only occasional use of inhalers or if you are on a regular preventative treatment programme with inhalers and do not have active symptoms at present.

You cannot donate blood if you have severe asthma ( on daily inhalers and medication ) or you are symptomatic at the time of donation.

NOTE: An important prerequisite for blood donation is that the donor should be fit and well on the day of donation and that any medical condition should be under control. Blood from a donor with an infection can be dangerous for the recipient. As a precaution, at least seven days must have passed since any systemic antibiotic, antifungal or antiviral therapy before a donation can be made. Similarly, dental patients must wait for at least seven days after tooth extraction, root canal treatment, dental capping or implantation before giving blood because of the risk of bacteraemia.
DO NOT discontinue medications prescribed or recommended by your physicians in order to donate blood

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